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It's our passion for pizza, pasta and great quality produce that makes Mamma Mia such a welcoming place to dine. Whether you are stopping by for some delicious home-cooked Arabian cuisine, or indulging in mouth-watering Italian fare for a special occasion, Mamma Mia's friendly atmosphere and luxurious surroundings make it the perfect spot to enjoy delectable food and good times with loved ones.

Pull up a chair, enjoy a cold drink and fun times as you sample the most delicious Italian and Arabian food in Dubai. Two cuisines under a single olive tree, in the heart of Dubai.

The restaurant, located inside the highly regarded Radisson Blu Hotel, is conveniently located with plenty of private parking for families and large groups. The covered outdoor terrace area provides much-needed shelter from the summer heat and makes for a romantic backdrop to a meal for two. There's also valet parking, free Wi-Fi and several big screens for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade of the terrace, or head inside to savour our fresh Italian and Middle Eastern flavours. With every mouthful you'll see how much we care about creating delicious dishes, served in a great atmosphere, in a first class location.

At Mamma Mia we really care about our customers. We want you to delight in our delicacies and enjoy the ambience of our luxuriously appointed restaurant. Our team of dedicated chefs and attentive waiting staff promise you a meal to remember.

Two cuisines, under a single olive tree, in the heart of Dubai.

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Our chefs are passionate about produce and use only the finest fresh ingredients from across the globe. We boast a vast selection of traditional Italian and Arabian dishes, which are cooked using an array of mouth-watering treats - bundles of aromatic herbs, the juiciest tomatoes, freshest seafood and most sumptuous of meats.

A staple in much of our Italian cuisine, mozzarella is one of the most common ingredients in pizzas and pasta dishes. Its mild flavour lends itself perfectly to the creamy cheese sauces that are prominent in Italian cooking, and a little sprinkle of this soft cheese on top of a pizza or a piece of garlic bread is sure to make taste buds tingle.


Only the most tender and succulent cuts of lamb are used in the Arabic dishes available on the Mamma Mia menu. This meat is very popular in many Middle Eastern dishes, whether it is marinated and served with fries and salad, or grilled as part of a kebab selection. Get your 'chops' around a delicious lamb feast, sizzling straight from the Mamma Mia grill.


We take great pride in our selection of seafood, which is used within our risotto dishes, salads and as a topping for many of our delicious pizzas. Caught fresh and prepared by expert chefs, the anchovies, lobster, mussels and various other marine delicacies are a huge favourite with many of our customers.


From fragrant basil and woody rosemary, aromatic herbs are a key element of any mouth watering dish. We use a range of fresh herbs in marinades, salads and rubs, adding an extra layer of subtle flavour and freshness to meats, kebabs, vegetables, salads, pastas and pizzas.


The earthy notes of turmeric and familiar kick of chilli are common in Middle Eastern cuisines but you'll also find cumin, cinnamon and black pepper on our spice rack and in our dishes. Never overpowering, spices are used as an accent, to add a depth of flavour and infuse meat and seafood with extra layers of taste bud tingling deliciousness.


Plump, juicy and refreshing tomatoes are the Jewel of Italian cuisine but are also important to many Middle Eastern dishes. We select only the ripest, luscious red tomatoes for our kitchens, packed with flavour and fragrance.


Sweet or pungent, garlic is a prized ingredient, revered for its versatility. Roasted or pan fried, used in rubs for kebabs and marinades it imparts a hit of unmistakable aroma and flavour and can be subtle or strong. We use it throughout our dishes in varying ways, from pizza sauce base to pasta and in our sumptuous kebabs and meats.

Mixed Peppers

Crunchy or sweet, mixed peppers with their rainbow bright colours and satisfying bite can turn an everyday salad into an exotic feast for the senses. Each pepper, whether red, green or yellow, has its own distinctive taste giving a subtle backdrop of flavour and delicate piquancy.